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What are the Benefits of Having a Private Office?

Posted by Let Direct on June 18, 2021

With the rise of co-working spaces and now the virtual office changing the landscape of the workplace, many have abandoned the traditional office setup. So, what actually are the benefits of having a private office?


If you prefer a quieter working environment, or if the type of work that you do demands discretion, renting private office space will be ideal for you. As a private office is partitioned by walls and doors, conversations between you and clients or other employees can remain privileged.

For professionals who work with sensitive information, the need to work in a space free of intrusion from others is a key factor too. In fact, a recent study shows that an enormous 95% of workers declared that being able to work privately was important to them.

Productivity and Concentration

Naturally, working in a private space rids you of irritating distractions which can impede your work. It’s been shown that there is a clear link between communal workspaces and decreased productivity. Without walls to muffle sound, an open-plan workspace can be a noisy and distracting place with little focus. Lose this problem by renting a private office.


All those common bugs and colds that are brought into the office, especially during wintertime, are spread more easily in an open-plan environment, as recent scientific evidence has proven.

People with private offices take fewer sick days, perhaps due to the decreased likelihood of taking ill from others around them. Additionally, people with private offices are shown to exhibit less stress, be more creative and better able to concentrate. So it’s possible that a private office can boost the happiness of your employees too!


If you’re looking for an office space to let, atmosphere is one of the core reasons why. A private office space lends a sense of permanence and importance to a business. A private office is also easily adaptable to meet your needs, adding a personable appeal to your headquarters. Renting a physical space also makes it easier to build a recognisable and trustworthy brand.

The appearance of tidiness is also increased in a private office, and the congestion of an open-plan environment is eliminated in favour of a more uniform look.


Flexibility is central to the modern office, as the past year has taught us. A private office usually allows for 24/7 access to the facilities, meaning that you and your employees will have more adaptability when it comes to organising meetings, selecting working hours and general productivity.

Employee Sociability

A private office is light years ahead of the newer virtual model when it comes to employee sociability. A friendship between colleagues is likely to lead to better, more productive working relationships and this is something that is lost when employees work remotely from one another.

A private office has both the benefit of discretion when necessary and the ability to foster good relationships when desired.

Avoids Technical Difficulties

If working from home during the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that technology like Zoom and Skype can often be faulty depending on home WiFi connectivity. Bad connection has delayed or disrupted many important meetings over the past year and this can be eliminated by leasing an office where all employees can be present. Many also find it harder to remain attentive in a virtual meeting, so skip the time loss and boost participation by holding meetings in your physical space.

Now that you’ve seen the advantages a private office holds over open-plan spaces or working from home, get in touch with us for information on commercial spaces to let near you.

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