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Frequently Asked Questions

About Commercial Properties for rent in Luton

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we hear about commercial properties to rent in Luton and how we at Let Direct go about helping businesses to find the perfect property.

What types of properties do you offer?

We have a diverse range of offices, shops, industrial units and warehouse premises, and the availability will vary from month to month. Please check the website for the latest availability.

I am interested in a property. How can I get further information?

We try to include as much information as possible on the website listing and this includes photographs and videos as well. If you have any questions or need clarification on any specific point then you can complete the enquiries form or get in touch through the ‘Contact Us’ page.

How can I view a property?

You can request a viewing using the enquiries form on the property listing page or get in touch through the ‘Contact Us’ page. We conduct viewings during usual business hours Monday through to Friday. We do not undertake viewings in the evening or at weekends.

I like the property and would like to proceed. What happens next?

Dependent on the type, size, term and specification of the property, this may be available through a Lease or through a Licence Agreement (minimum term of one year). In each case, we will undertake our due diligence on a prospective tenant and we will verify identification as part of the usual application procedures. A list of what is required can be found in the ‘downloads’ section of this page.

Will I need to pay any money up front?

Generally we do not charge a premium for any of our properties. In most cases you will be required to pay a rent deposit equivalent to three months rent and the first quarters rent in advance prior to completion.

Do I need a solicitor?

This is for each tenant to decide for themselves. Generally tenant’s don’t find the need for a solicitor when taking on a Licence Agreement but most do when proceeding on a Lease. However it is a judgement for each tenant to make and there is no right or wrong answer.

How is the rent paid?

The rent is payable quarterly in advance by Standing Order.

How do I take occupation?

This is somewhat dependent upon whether you are proceeding on a Lease or a Licence Agreement, but in general terms once we are in receipt of the completion monies and all signed / witnessed documentation then the process can complete and keys will be made available to you.

Are Business Rates included?

No, all of our rents exclude Business Rates. Check the website listing to see what is included in any property you are interested in, as some (such as business centres) are let on semi-inclusive terms, whereas others are exclusive rents. But in all cases, each tenant is billed directly by the Local Authority in respect of Business Rates.

Is car parking provided?

This depends on the location and the type of property. Most of our properties do have some form of associated car parking but do bear in mind that Business Rates are chargeable separately on all spaces.

Are there any restrictions on my occupation of the property?

We permit access to our properties 24 hours a day / 365 days a year, and in return we do expect tenants to act responsibly in keeping premises safe and secure at all times. There are some occasions when the Planning Authority may have imposed restrictions on trading hours but these will be discussed with you if relevant before any agreements complete.

What are my responsibilities whilst I am in occupation?

This will depend upon the terms of your agreement and the type of property you are in. For example, on most of our business centres the rent is of a ‘semi-inclusive’ nature and we retain responsibility for external repairs, utilities and common areas. But on a Lease of a stand-alone industrial unit you would be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the entire property. Talk to us further if you need any more clarification or refer to your Lease or Licence Agreement for full details.

What if something goes wrong with the property?

In the first instance, refer to your Lease or Licence Agreement as this will tell you whether it is a landlord or a tenant liability. If you need any assistance or clarification then you can always contact our team who will confirm responsibilities for you.

My circumstances have changed and I want to leave early. Can I?

In a simple word, NO! It does depend on your type of tenancy and whether or not there are any options to break but in most instances the term will carry through to the scheduled expiration. However we may be able to assist with sourcing an alternative tenant for your property, so do let us know if your circumstances change. But, for the avoidance of any doubt, you will remain liable for the duration of your term if no other tenant can be found.

What happens at the end of my term?

This depends on whether you are under a Lease or a Licence Agreement as different procedures may apply. In certain circumstances (especially on our business centre Licence’s) there will be a provision for automatic renewal until such time as you bring your occupation to an end. For longer tenancies, and for all Lease agreements, we will make contact with you in the last six months of your term to see if you want to renew and, if so, we negotiate another tenancy.

It’s the end of my term and I want to leave. What happens next?

Once it has been determined that you wish to leave, we will make arrangements to inspect the property and assess any dilapidation liability. If any works are needed, you will be given the opportunity to undertake them prior to the expiration of your term. If you don’t then we will undertake these works once you have vacated and a charge will be made for them. This will be discussed with you in detail at the time.

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