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How Having a Private Office Can Motivate Your Employees

Posted by Let Direct on October 20, 2021

Many of us have been used to working from home over the past year. Whilst there are certain perks to WFH, it can lead to a lack of motivation. Covid saw a rise in daily video calls. However, we began to lose the very thing that makes office life so enjoyable: the chance to interact with others, make close connections and have a bit of sociable downtime in breaks. At Let Direct, we’re here to help you rebuild those office perks the way you want to/ We offer stylish and affordable private office spaces in Luton and the surrounding areas.

Creating Your Dream Space

A drab, dreary grey office makes for a bit of a depressing workspace. Our offices to rent give you the chance to brighten up the working day. Incorporating good lighting, bright colours, stylish furniture and a communal area improve both employee satisfaction and worker motivation. Try to choose soft, warm lighting and find a colour scheme that works.

Feel free to get creative with the decor. Comfy armchairs, sofas and beanbags are an increasingly popular choice over clunky black swivel chairs. Not only do they look a bit more stylish but they also offer comfort.

One study carried out by Interface and Robertson Cooper in their Human Spaces report found that the addition of natural elements into office design increased workers’ wellbeing and creativity by 15 per cent. Adding in plants and other shrubberies creates a more natural, welcoming environment. It also adds a homely feel — perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to working from home just yet.

More Room for Creativity

When you’re working solo in a rented office chair, or sitting at home glued to your desk, it can be easy to hit a bit of a mental blockage. Finding an office to rent means that you can make sure you place the right minds together, in the right space. Having a private space means that you can designate an area for group work.

Encourage your employees to work with others, think up creative solutions to problems and bounce new ideas off one another to create something revolutionary. Your own space can allow the team to bounce ideas off one another. Being in the same physical space can be more productive than trying to communicate remotely.

Finding new private office spaces also gives you control over where your employees sit. This might seem a bit OTT, but it can have a big impact on worker creativity. You might decide to keep certain departments together, so they can work on similar projects. Alternatively, you may find that mixing things up will help employees from different areas of the company learn from one another. Either way, having a private office, as opposed to a shared space, gives you the freedom to choose the layout that works best for your business.

Foster a Sense of Community

During the lockdown, there was a certain buzz that was amiss from daily working life. Sneaking in a quick chat as you brew a cuppa, attending staff socials and going for some post-work drinks help team members build relationships. If your business has a sense of community surrounding it, then employees are more likely to push themselves to succeed. This stems from a sense of loyalty, both to your business and amongst other employees. Renting an office space means you can facilitate the formation of new relationships, improving their overall desire to exceed in their tasks.

At Let Direct we’re here to help you find the right office to let. If you’d like to find out more about our office space in Luton then please get in touch to discover the perfect commercial space for your business.

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