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Signs You Need to Upgrade and Rent Business Space

Posted by Let Direct on April 28, 2021

You may have started up small, but now it’s time for an upgrade. Although everyone must start somewhere, it’s important to know when your business is ready to evolve into a bigger space.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for your own office, or a small business that wants to build on its brand, renting a business space is the first step in helping your business to grow. We discuss how to look out for the signs you need to upgrade and rent business space so that you know exactly when to make the big move.

Lack of space

Has your employee base grown? Are you buying new, updated equipment? Have you decided to invest in some new office decor to fit in with the feel of your brand? If the answer’s yes, then you probably should take it as a sign you need to upgrade and rent business space.

Working in an overcrowded environment can become frustrating and hectic, not to mention uncomfortable. When working in an office, personal space is important. If this is not possible then you may start to get slightly tetchier.

On top of this, it’s important to establish a separate meeting room for when you need to work as a team with your employees. Although you could do this from your desks, this doesn’t quite inspire the same response. Creating a separate room can help inspire creativity, keeping your employees focused and keen to solve any problems.

If you don’t already have this space available, renting a new business space might be the best way to create a new working environment that prompts discussion and creativity.

Too little storage

If your business involves trading, then you’ll need somewhere to keep your goods. Maybe a small room was once manageable, but as your business has grown you start to notice that your work environment is clustered, and tradable goods are quickly taking over your office space.
If this is the case, then you may decide to find an industrial space to rent. This means you can keep all your storage in one place in an orderly fashion, helping you to keep track of orders and returns. It also frees up office space, meaning you have more room for other things.

It’s not just tradable goods that can take up room: simple things such as excess filing cabinets or stock cupboards that you’re saving for a later date can also clutter up valuable space. Renting new business space helps you keep track of everything you have in storage so that you know exactly how much you’ve got in storage.

Your brand is growing

As you start to make more profit, you see new ways to expand and grow your brand. More demand for your brand means more work, and more work means recruiting new employees. However, if you have a small office space then this may prove tricky.

If, for example, a highly trained candidate applies for the job and sees the workplace as being cramped, small, and simply uncomfortable to work in then they may turn down your offer. Having a small office space is also impractical, as it restricts the number of staff you can recruit. By upgrading your office space into something a little larger, you have much more flexibility to grow your team and therefore expand your business.

If you’re not sure where to start after you’ve spotted the signs that you need to upgrade and rent business space, then Let Direct is here for you. We specialise in industrial and office space to let in Luton. Browse our available properties to take your first steps in growing your business today. Contact us.


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