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Top factors to consider when choosing commercial office space

Posted by Treacle Factory SEO on January 11, 2021

Choosing the right commercial space for your business requires a great deal of thought and planning. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of questions to run through that will help you narrow down your decision and make an informed choice.

1. Does the location serve your needs?

Location should be one of your most important considerations when looking for office space to let. If employees and customers need to visit your premises, then basing your business in a central area is essential. You don’t want to risk losing valuable team members or clients due to accessibility issues.

2. What are your plans for growth?

When researching commercial space to rent in Luton, consider whether the property you’re interested in can scale with your business. For example, as your team grows will there be enough desks and parking spaces for them? If you store products and plan to sell more, will you run out of space in a few years?

3. What facilities do you need?

You’re likely to need a meeting room, so you can discuss confidential matters with employees or customers without being overheard. Find out if your premises has such a facility – and, if so, whether it’s shared. If the meeting room is communal, you’ll have to book slots in advance which could cause logistical issues.

4. How secure are your premises?

If you store valuable items – or leave vehicles parked on-site overnight –  it’s important to look for premises in Luton that have robust security measures in place. Look for premises that have CCTV installed, door entry systems, and security teams that run routine checks to prevent unauthorised access to your building.

5. Who is responsible for maintenance?

Ideally, you want to call one number if there’s a problem with your commercial space. Sometimes though, a letting company will instruct a managing agent to deal with repairs, landscaping, and general facility-related issues. This can slow down the process and make it harder to get resolutions to problems.


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