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What You Need to Know Before Renting Office Space

Posted by Let Direct on September 13, 2021

Renting office space is one of the most exciting decisions for any business. But making the right choice can impact everything from business operations to brand image. After all, it’s easy to find offices to let but trickier to find that ideal space that will help your business thrive. This is what you need to think about before renting office space for your organisation.


Create your gameplan

Before you start your active search, create a gameplan that will get you to your goal faster:

· Make sure you understand commercial lease terminology, so you know what you’re signing.

· Understand different types of leases and any hidden costs.

· Brainstorm the ideal office location, amenities and style with your team.

· Shortlist the locations and types of offices that would be a great fit with your business.

· Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Research the property market in advance to get the best deal.

Start your search

When you’re renting office space, there are several factors you need to consider. The following five are critical if you want to avoid disappointment and find excellent office space in Luton.


Budgeting for your new office can be tricky. Spend too little, and you could find you’re moving on in a few months. Too much, and your business profits may suffer. So here’s a quick way to set your budget:

· What’s the average price for the area, and is this office priced in line?

· Can you afford to pay a three-month rent deposit on the office you want?

· Can you cover any hidden costs, e.g. parking and maintenance?

Establishing affordability and protecting yourself against hidden costs will help you get the best deal. For example, we let you compare offices to rent in Luton and the surrounding area, so you know you’re getting value for money.

Location, location, location

It might be a cliche, but the location is hands down the most crucial factor when you’re looking for office space to rent.

Ask yourself these two questions:

· Can my clients find our office and get there hassle-free?

· Is the location convenient for employees?

Tick those boxes, and you’ve found a great location. Then use our interactive property search to make finding your next office to rent a breeze.

Office space


Getting the size of your new office right will be dictated by budget and location. But these tips should help you work out if the office you’re interested in will work for your business:

· You should allow at least 70 square feet per person, and more if they need larger desks or extra storage.

· Will you need a meeting room? If so, your office needs a suitable space.

· Look for an office with a breakout area or a space that can be used as somewhere for employees to eat and meet informally.

· Allow enough extra space for your office to scale in line with your growth projections.


Could your business function without a high-speed and reliable internet connection? Or an excellent postal delivery service? Before you sign the lease, get an internet speed test and check the office has a dedicated postal address.


If you want to keep your staff and clients happy, you need great amenities that offer networking opportunities. Is there a gym or a coffee shop nearby? Somewhere for lunch or an after-work hangout? We’ll let you know what’s in the immediate area so you can make an informed choice.

A great office is a fantastic branding tool. At Let Direct, we make the process of finding your next commercial space simple, with transparent pricing and security and maintenance services on tap. Contact us now to find your ideal office today.

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